25 Years of Influencing Working, Learning, Living

Families and Work Institute celebrates its 25th Anniversary today with events in New York, including a Gala offering a retrospective of our work and a look ahead at how we’ll be shaping the workplace, learning and living in the future….

Here’s an excerpt from a letter written by the Institute’s president, Ellen Galinsky, and chairman, Michael J. Carey:

From the beginning, our mission has been research to live, work and learn by. Research that leads to action on the changing workplace, family and community. While this mission is unusual, it does not alone make us unique. Rather, we are unique among organizations—both academic and nonprofit organizations—in four ways:

1)    Whereas other organizations tend to be focused on one or a few specific topics, we take a broad, life-cycle approach, covering topics from birth through aging.

2)    Whereas many organizations tend to focus on either the individuals or  the context in which individuals live, we take an ecological approach, looking at individuals in relationship to their work, their families and their communities.

3)    Whereas other organizations tend to be focused on either conducting research or  advocating for change, we are a research organization that works to ensure that our studies can or do lead to action.

4)    Whereas organizations that focus on action tend to stop there, we work to ensure that our action projects are change experiments—they are evaluated by research and then improved. Our path has been research to action to research to action and back.


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