The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs

Focus And Self Control

Children need this skill in order to achieve their goals, especially in a world that is filled
with distractions and information overload. It involves paying attention, remembering
the rules, thinking flexibly and exercising self control.

Perspective Taking

Perspective Taking goes far beyond empathy: it involves figuring out what others think and
feel, and forms the basis of children understanding their parents’, teachers’, and
friends’ intentions. Children who can take others’ perspectives are also much less
likely to get involved in conflicts.


Communicating is much more than understanding language, speaking, reading and
writing – it is the skill of determining what one wants to communicate and realizing how
our communications will be understood by others. It is the skill that teachers and
employers feel is most lacking today.

Making Connections

Making Connections is at the heart of learning—figuring out what’s the same, what’s
different and sorting these things into categories. Making unusual connections is at the
core of creativity. In a world where people can google for information, it is the people
who can see the connections who are able to go beyond knowing information to using this
information well.

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking is the ongoing search for valid and reliable knowledge to guide beliefs,
decisions, and actions.

Taking On Challenges

Life is full of stresses and challenges. Children who are willing to take on challenges
(instead of avoiding them or simply coping with them) do better in school and in life.

Self-Directed, Engaged Learning

It is through learning that we can realize our potential. As the world changes, so can
we, for as long as we live—as long as we learn.