Book Club Must-Have for Parents, Educators: Mind in the Making Discussion Guide Promotes Shared Life Skills Learning

By Eve Tahmincioglu and Kelly Sakai-O’Neill

Below are just a few of hundreds of reviews and ratings on Goodreads, the popular social media site for book club and book lovers, raving about Mind in the Making: The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs.


Since the release of the best-selling book by Ellen Galinsky, a leading authority on child development issues, people who are passionate about children’s learning have found a valuable resource in Mind in the Making and it’s focus on the essential life skills, known as executive function skills.

The key skills include focus and self control; perspective taking; communicating; making connections; critical thinking; taking on challenges; self-directed, engaged learning. Research shows that executive function skills affect school readiness, school success, college graduation rates, work and life success; and Galinsky’s book proves that these skills can be taught and encouraged at any age.

Mind in the Making (MITM) has gone beyond a book, becoming a national early childhood-education movement. MITM—a program of The Bezos Family Foundation and a partner of Vroom, an initiative of BFF, since its inception—is now a national initiative to share scientifically based research and applicable strategies for promoting life skills in communities across the country. This includes hands-on training for educators and parents; partnerships with community leaders and schools; and a series of forums and lectures throughout the nation.

Given all the enthusiasm among educators and parents alike, the minds behind the Mind in the Making movement have developed a free companion discussion guide and workbook for readers to reflect personally on how these skills take shape in their own lives and what actions can be taken to continue to promote these skills in themselves and the children around them.

The book and guide are a great pairing for parents and educators who want to inspire lifelong learners and anyone with an interest in understanding the Life Skills and how they can influence our thinking and behavior in positive ways.

Go here to download discussion guide and workbook.

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