Bringing Mind in the Making to Providence families

The MITM team could not be prouder of the fact that Providence was awarded an i3 grant in a very competitive situation. We are thrilled that Mind in the Making is the strategy they are using to promote family engagement and school readiness.

The $3 million will be used to launch Empowering Families — a new district approach to family engagement that “emphasizes the social and emotional skills critical to a child’s success in primary education,” according to a news release.

The initiative will include an eight-session class in English and Spanish for parents that teaches skills every child needs to know to succeed. The seven skills and course come from the book “Mind in the Making” by Ellen Galinsky.

The skills are focus and self-control; perspective taking; communicating; making connections; critical thinking; taking on challenges; and self-directed engaged learning. The book’s website — — says perspective taking, for example, is necessary because “children who can figure out what others feel and think are less likely to get involved in conflicts.”

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Leslie Gell, the director of Ready to Learn Providence, a program of The Providence Plan, said as part of the program, an early learning nook — a small-scale library — has been developed at the Student Registration Center for kids and parents waiting to register. “It is a point of invitation… It tells parents the schools care about them and want their involvement. And by reaching them eight months before their children enter kindergarten, it’s a great opportunity to tell them about some of the ways they can prepare their children for school.”