Education: Hoping and Dreaming of a Better Future

(This is the first in a series of blog posts we’re calling Hopes and Dreams reflecting on the aspirations and desires of educators, child advocates and parents we meet at Mind in the Making’s training sessions, discussions and speeches around the country.)

There are many favorite things about my work with Mind in the Making.  One of my very favorite things is that Families and Work Institute is an organization driven to put research into action.  It is truly amazing to watch people be inspired and empowered to use evidence based research in their meaningful and loving relationships with children, colleagues and with themselves.

Each time I facilitate a Mind in the Making Institute or I keynote an event, I am inspired by the people I meet.  At the end of each Institute we do an activity where participants write down their Hopes and Dreams for Mind in the Making in their lives and in their communities.  They put the paper into a ball and the group has a paper ball fight.  Everyone ends up with someone else’s ball and we stand in a circle and read aloud each other’s Hopes and Dreams.

In February and March, I had the privilege of working with Fairfax County Public Schools and with Providence’s Ready to Learn and Public Schools.  Here are few Hopes and Dreams from a few of the amazing people:

  • I dream that parents and teachers will be able to change educational past behavior and be able to teach children with a lot of opportunity so they will grow with wisdom and vision. “The new generation of children deserves a new way of teaching.
  • My dream is to provide the community the same tools you are providing us today so they will be more effective in educating our young ones. Give them the right tools to drive to a successful path that will never end – with millions of opportunities in their future. 
  • Sometimes we spend time thinking about how can we better our lives, but more importantly the lives of our children. Thanks to Mind in the Making we have now the tools to enrich the lives of children around the world. From Focus and Self-Control to Self Directed, Engaged Learning the path to follow is clear.
  • It is my hope that we take this to our whole community, teachers, and parents to build stronger understanding for all about how brains develop.  As we develop better brains, we develop greater kids.
  • My hope is to take back my enthusiasm for MITM to my school teams and to our community, and that they find it as life changing as I have the last three days.

Thank you to everyone who is keeping their Hope and Dreams in the forefront of their minds and their actions.  We are all on a learning journey together to keep the love of learning alive for ourselves and for the children in our lives.

With optimism and gratitude,

Erin Ramsey, Director of Mind in the Making