MITM: Experiments in Children’s Learning

It is with huge pleasure that we are announcing the availability of the video series, Mind in the Making Experiments in Children’s Learning.

This two-volume series of 42 videos take viewers on a series of virtual “field trips” to laboratories in the U.S. and abroad. We filmed actual experiments in children’s learning—from the classic studies to the cutting edge—conducted by well-known researchers from a number of academic disciplines. The videos show the “researchers in action” as they make important discoveries about how children learn. Each demonstrates the initial building blocks and evolving development of one of the seven essential life skills (view a Video to Skills Crosswalk of the experiments to the seven essential life skills).

The experiments filmed include: the hypotheses—what the scientist wanted to investigate and why; the methodology used—what method the scientist used to answer his or her questions; the key findings—what the scientist learned by conducting this experiment or study; the implications of these findings for teaching and caring for children; and references for more information and details about the study. These videos can be used in higher education or with any group interested in what we know about children’s learning in the birth through eight years. (Please download a companion Catalogue to the two-volume series of 42 videos, Mind in the Making Experiments in Children’s Learning.)

These videos were created by Families and Work Institute and New Screen Concepts for use by recipients of the videos within the context of their internal and educational activities, and not for release to the public. They are protected by copyright in the name of Families and Work Institute and New Screen Concepts.Therefore, the use of the videos is subject to restrictions and instructions, which are set forth in the MITM BFF Materals Terms of Use.

All order inquiries for MITM Materials should be forwarded to Marline Griffith.
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Mind in the Making
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