How Libraries and Museums Can Help Teach Life Skills

brainbuildingThere are brain-building powerhouses in your community and it’s not just schools.

Libraries and museums are among our communities’ most engaging and trusted learning institutions. They are places where children and their families connect, discover and grow together. With a focus on discovery and experience, libraries and museums can build the executive function life skills that are so essential to success in learning and in life.

And now Mind in the Making (MITM) is expanding the life-skills mission in communities through museums and libraries because of their impact on and reach to families and educators.

To that end, MITM, a program of the Families and Work Institute (FWI), and partner, the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), will present a free webinar for museum and library professionals on executive function life skills. The webinar on Tuesday, September 22, will feature findings from the just-released groundbreaking report, Brain-Building Powerhouses: How Museums and Libraries Can Strengthen Executive Function Life Skills. In the webinar, leading museums and libraries will share the creative and effective ways they are promoting executive function life skills.

Here are some key takeaways from the report:

  • Promising new practices that feature research on the brain and their potential for focusing on executive function life skills in exhibits and programs in museums and libraries; and
  • Opportunities for positioning libraries and museums as key contributors to the work of promoting executive function skills.

Ellen Galinsky, president of FWI, calls libraries and museums “the hubs that translate research on ‘the science of learning’ into practice in ways that bring joy and engagement to all involved, young and old.”