Executive Assistant, Mind in the Making at The Bezos Family Foundation

Marline Griffith is an Executive Assistant for Mind in the Making at The Bezos Family Foundation. She provides daily administrative support to the MITM Team, including responding to internal and external inquiries, planning travel, and managing schedules. In addition, she does background research for the MITM team and coordinates the MITM Social Media efforts and MITM Website.

Marline worked at Families and Work Institute (FWI) for 16 years, before their Mind in the Making initiative merged with the Bezos Families Foundation. At FWI, she served as Office Manager.  She managed the Publications Department and was responsible for production of the MITM Materials.  She coordinated speaking events, arranged staff travel, tracked Staff Time off, provided onsite IT Support.  Additionally, she served as backup support to the Finance and Operations Dept.

Marline is a native of Oxfordshire, England. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, daughter and granddaughter. She enjoys the game of Dominoes and likes to spend time in Barbados, where many of her family members live.