FREE Webinar This Friday – Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs

FREE Webinar This Friday – Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs /

Lara ZaiMind in the Making is sharing research on how to help children thrive by promoting life skills that call on executive functions of the brain during a free webinar this Friday, May 22 at 12:00 noon EDT.

The webinar is being hosted by, a valuable resource for anyone who wants to know how to empower children with learning and attention issues, and help them thrive in school and in life.

That’s just what the team at Mind in the Making, led by Ellen Galinsky (author of the book by the same title) has be focused on for decades—how to promote the skills that help children stay engaged and excited by learning.

Galinsky will be sharing her research and advice live during the webinar, outlining the seven essential life skills every child needs. They include: focus and self control; perspective taking; communicating; making connections; critical thinking; taking on challenges; and self-directed, engaged learning.

“These essential skills don’t call for expensive programs, fancy materials or elaborate equipment. They simply call for doing the everyday things you do with children in new ways,” says Galinsky. “I hope that this information will give you an understanding of what you can do to keep the fire of learning burning brightly in your children’s eyes and the skills to help them be all that they can be.”

You can join the webinar by clicking here. It’s free to anyone who wants to watch and there’s no requirement to sign up.

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