The debate over the benefits of pre-K.

Ellen Galinsky offers her take in this Capital New York article: About Those Pre-K Studies

Ellen Galinsky, president and co-founder of the Families and Work Institute:

It’s very important not to oversell based on the research, or [accept] the idea that pre-K is good in and of itself without looking at what makes it good. If it is seen as a vaccination and it’s just pre-K equals pre-K equals pre-K, that’s completely the wrong tack.

The best programs don’t just teach the “what,” the content, but also promote the “how” in learning and teach executive functioning skills.

I think this discussion about pre-K is a dream come true with some caveats: if we don’t pay attention to what’s happening to the children, how they are being taught, what they are being taught, and how they are being taught to learn, then we’re making a mistake.

We won’t succeed unless we pay attention to what happens to children before and after pre-K.

Photo Credit: Bill de Blasio greets school-children. (Rob Bennett for the office of Mayor Bill de Blasio)