Video: Mind in the Making at Earl Boyles

In my email just now, I was sent this video of how teachers and parents TOGETHER are learning about the research in Mind in the Making to help improve their own skills, to work together in new ways, and to help get kids ready for children. I am overwhelmed and humbled: Mind in the Making at Earl Boyles

“Last fall, the Children’s Institute and community partners launched a Mind in the Making series at Earl Boyles Elementary School. The series is based on the book by Ellen Galinsky, which identifies seven essential skills children need to thrive now and in the future. At Earl Boyles, teachers, child care providers and parents come together once a month to learn about these skills in an entirely bilingual space (English/Spanish). We created a video of one segment of the MITM series to give a flavor for how much learning — and fun — has been happening. “