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Learning Module Training

MITM training provides opportunities for adults to examine child development research and themselves to create strategic actions they can take to promote executive function-based skills in children ages 0-8. Over the past 10+ years, we have offered in-person Learning Modules training to about 100,000 educators, community leaders, families and professionals from education, libraries, medical facilities, museums, home visiting, parent education, churches, juvenile justice and more.

Each of the eight MITM Learning Modules offer transformational learning that:

  1. ENGAGES professionals in an experiential process of self-reflection and self-discovery to explore their own competence in each of the executive function-based life skills, probe why each skill is important in their own lives and proposing strategies to improve the skill in themselves.
  2. CONNECTS adults’ experiences to the research on the skills in children’s lives—why it’s important, how it develops and how it can be promoted—through information and videos that that are virtual field trips to the labs of the most respected and compelling child development researchers, who share what they study and what they have learned on the skills in an accessible and compelling way.
  3. EMPLOYS specific evidence-based activities that participants can use to promote the skill in children.
  4. ALLOWS each participant to create action plans to promote the skills in themselves and in children, which they revisit in subsequent modules.

The training provides a common language and approach to supporting children and their families to develop important life skills needed to thrive. They also provide evidence-based professional development which fits nicely with existing systems of professional development and equips attendees to share the information within their organizations and communities.

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Training pediatric residents on child development research

MITM partnered with Mount Sinai Parenting Center to create a free, online Keystones of Development curriculum to train pediatric residents on promoting brain development and helping strengthen parent-child relationships within routine well-child visits.

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We can’t carve people up—there isn’t the cognitive person, the emotional person, the motivational person, the social person. All of these co-occur in the brain.

Carol Dweck

Stanford University

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